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By Philip Jose Farmer

All those that ever lived on the earth have discovered themselves resurrected--healthy, younger, and bare as newborns--on the grassy banks of a effective river, in an international unknown. Miraculously supplied with nutrients, yet with out clues to the which means in their unusual new afterlife, billions of individuals from each interval of Earth's history--and prehistory--must commence again.

Sir Richard Francis Burton may be the first to glimpse the magnificent way-station, a hyperlink among worlds. This forbidden sight may spur the well known 19th-century explorer to discover the reality. in addition to a amazing staff of compatriots, together with Alice Liddell Hargreaves (the Victorian woman who was once the muse for Alice in Wonderland), an English-speaking Neanderthal, a WWII Holocaust survivor, and a sensible extraterrestrial, Burton units sail at the wonderful river. His project: to confront humankind's mysterious benefactors, and research the genuine purpose--innocent or evil--of the Riverworld . . .

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