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By David Gemmell

The armies of the Outlanders overwhelmed the highlanders on the conflict of Colden Moor–killing their best warriors and breaking their freeborn spirit. The highlanders are actually a conquered humans, governed by means of the brutal Baron Gottasson.
Prophecies communicate of the arriving of a brand new chief, a descendent of Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings. a pace-setter who will throw off the Outlander yoke. yet just one highlander contains the blood of Ironhand: Sigarni, a wild and willful teenage lady who cares for not anything retailer her personal issues. until eventually a fateful stumble upon thrusts her onto a course of uprising. Now, hunted by means of the baron’s infantrymen and stalked by way of an evil sorcerer, Sigarni may be pressured to satisfy her future . . . or perish.

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It'd be . . . fascinating. ” “She is 3 thousand miles away—if she nonetheless lives. yet you're correct, it might be interesting to work out them jointly. Now, you recognize those maps in addition to I. the place will the 1st assault come? ” Ari sifted in the course of the sheets. “They will carry a military to the 1st invasion castle. From there i'd imagine they'd swing northeast towards the deeper lands of the Farlain. they might even break up their strength and push northwest into Pallides territory. i feel you're correct to decide on Duane; it's 3 miles south in their first fortress. ” Asmidir leaned again and rubbed his drained eyes. “Duane is a usual conflict web site. The enemy trapped under with just one technique of get away, the defenders with their backs to the mountains, capable of slip away on the first signal of coming near near defeat. As you assert, notwithstanding, we want no less than thousand. the place else? ” Ari shuffled in the course of the maps. “With ? Nowhere. ” “Precisely my recommendations. And the Baron is not any idiot, he'll comprehend our approximate quantity. Son of a whore! ” Lifting an in depth caricature of an Outland fortress, he handed it to Ari. “What if we took it ahead of they arrived? They’d don't have any provides. How lengthy may we carry them? ” “Four or 5 days. yet they've got 3 provide forts, now not one. they're going to simply ship a strength round us. after which there will be no get away for the defenders. No prospect of victory both. ” Asmidir driven himself to his toes and wandered to the window. The snow used to be falling thick and speedy, piling opposed to the bottom of the leaded panes. “My head is spinning,” he stated. “Tell me whatever solid. something. ” Ari chuckled. “Our enemy is the Baron. he's hotheaded and reckless. higher but, he's impatient and won't provide us admire within the first conflict. that's a bonus. ” “That is true,” agreed Asmidir. “But it's not sufficient to offer him a bloody nostril. the 1st conflict needs to be decisive. ” “And that implies Duane Pass,” stated Ari. “Which the Baron can be conscious of. ” Asmidir shook his head and laughed. “Are we being fools, Ari? Have we waited this lengthy simply to face and die on a overseas mountain? ” “Perhaps,” agreed the warrior. “Yet a guy has to die someplace. ” “I’m no longer able to die but. I swore an oath to make the Outlanders pay for the rape of Kushir. i have to honor it—or my spirit will stroll endlessly throughout the Valley of Desolation and melancholy. ” “I additionally swore that oath, lord,” acknowledged Ari. “We all did. Now our hopes leisure with the silver girl. ” Asmidir lower back to the desk and stared into the darkish eyes of the guy contrary. “What do you think that of her, Ari? may perhaps she actually be the single? ” The warrior shrugged. “I have no idea the reply to the second one query. As to the first—I recognize her. that's all i will say. ” “It doesn't trouble you that this selected One is a lady? ” “Kalia is a woman—and she has fought in lots of wars. And Sigarni’s conflict plan at Cilfallen used to be encouraged. Fraught with peril—but encouraged. ” Asmidir amassed up the maps and sketches. “I needs to be heading again to the mountains the next day to come. i have to see her. ” “It will take round 4 days now,” stated Ari.

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