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By Greg Bear

In the final years of the Forerunner empire, chaos principles. The Flood―a frightening shape-changing parasite―has arrived in strength, aided through unforeseen allies. inner strife in the ecumene has desperately weakened Forerunner defenses.

Too little, too past due, the criminal cost of Juridicals is just now investigating attainable crimes by way of the grasp Builder and others. Evidence-gathering brokers identified jointly as Catalog were dispatched to gather testimony from the Librarian and both Didacts: the Ur-Didact, treacherously deserted in a Flood-infested method, and the Bornstellar Didact, who accompanies the Librarian as she preserves specimens opposed to the dire danger of Halo extermination.

Facing the upcoming cave in in their civilization, the Librarian and the Ur-Didact display what they learn about the connection among the long-vanished Precursors and the Flood.

The Precursors created many technological species, together with humanity and the Forerunners. however the roots of the Flood might be present in an act of large barbarity, conducted past our galaxy ten million years before...

Because of that barbarism, a better evil looms. basically the Ur-Didact and the Librarian--husband and spouse driven into determined conflict--hold the keys to an answer.

Facing the results of a mythic tragedy, certainly one of them needs to now devote the best atrocity of all time―to hinder an insane evil from dominating the full universe.
This exchange paperback version of Halo: Silentium gains an epilogue written by means of Greg and Erik undergo, showing for the 1st time in print.

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Back it withdrew its eyes and sensors and its carapace grew to become delicate. yet then it bristled. “All these solutions can be found, in the event that they can be of provider in removal us from this possibility. Your testimony is most vital. ” I grew to become to Sharp. “You have been right here, weren’t you? That’s why you’ve been back. Why don’t you let us know what occurred? ” Sharp drew up his knees. His face labored via a number of expressions. ultimately he stated, “This process lies outdoor of the Jat-Krula secure boundary [TT: “Maginot Sphere”]. All platforms past Jat-Krula were left to fend for themselves. The ecumene—last I heard—was inquisitive about protecting what lies contained in the boundary. ” i used to be all too acquainted with Jat-Krula. in the course of certainly one of our interminable civil wars, part one million years prior to my start, Jat-Krula have been an impressive technique of fortified safety, designed to manage often traversed manifolds within the Orion advanced. Key to Jat-Krula used to be vigilance over all feasible slipspace entries and portals—the worthy and best avenues of slipspace shuttle. hundreds of thousands of mounted fortifications have been unfold like beaded curtains among enormous quantities of structures, status vigil over a collective of leap ideas, holding old routes that supported alternate in addition to offensive and counter-offensive maneuvers. Any significant attack strength, it was once reasoned, needs to go through this hyper-spherical boundary. And the boundary, so planners insisted, may well at a moment’s detect be rendered impassable, solid—impregnable. Then a legion of innovative Warrior commanders made up our minds to forego crystal-mediated slipspace and in its place flew twenty assault squadrons “naked” via a non-manifold array, bypassing the Jat-Krula defenses. The passage used to be savage. Their squadrons suffered fifty-percent losses—but the rest ships emerged in the boundary and fast beaten fourteen key platforms. This courageous and catastrophic act must have perpetually replaced Forerunner process. Jat-Krula grew to become a sobering item lesson taught to Warrior-Servants in any respect degrees. there has been no such factor as an impregnable security. but if I have been to think this former Warrior-Servant, what had as soon as been outdated and superseded was once back novel and exciting—ignoring the lethal classes of background. “We’re governed by means of idiots,” I murmured. “It will get worse,” Sharp stated. “The grasp Builder appeared to think that through demonstrating the strength of the Halos, out within the open, the Flood—by which i guess he intended Graveminds—would see we have been keen to endure overall destruction instead of defeat. ” that may clarify what have been performed at Charum Hakkor. A tactical demonstration—like threatening to chop one’s personal throat if an aggressor got here too shut. Jat-Krula … mixed with suicidal purpose. I felt my dermis develop sizzling. “Madness! ” “I warned them,” Maker-of-Moons acknowledged quietly. i couldn't soak up all of this for lots of mins. Maker did her top, with Sharp’s aid, to convey the send again to cruising strength. yet a number of structures failed simply as they have been engaged.

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