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By Aaron Allston

They're the galaxy's such a lot elite battling strength. and because the conflict opposed to the Empire rages, the X-wing opponents possibility existence and desktop to guard the insurgent Alliance. Now they have to move on a bold undercover mission--as the workforce of an Imperial warship.

It is Wedge Antilles' boldest production: a covert-action unit of X-wing opponents, its pilots drawn from the dregs of alternative devices, castoffs and rejects given one final probability. yet earlier than the hot pilots can entire their education, the squadron's base is attacked by means of former Imperial admiral Trigit, and Wraith Squadron is compelled to swing into action--taking over an Imperial warship and impersonating its workforce. The project: to achieve important intelligence approximately Trigit's mystery guns, to sabotage the admiral's plans, and to entice him into an Alliance capture. however the high-stakes gamble pits Wraith Squadron's ragtag renegades opposed to the Empire's such a lot wonderful grasp of guile and deception.

Are they as much as the challenge?

If no longer, the penalty is immediate death.

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Yet as a Corellian, in fact, I’ll deal with a few kind of revenge. ” Wedge grew to become again to Hobbie. “Before your Rogues are disbanded, i need to determine their group of workers records. ” “Of path. Why? If i will be able to ask. ” “You can. i've got an idea for an additional new X-wing unit … anything in line with our stories taking Coruscant and Thyferra. ” “You’re going to shape a brand new squadron? ” Wedge nodded. “Just like that? Wave your hand and it seems that? ” “Well, i assumed I’d inform excessive Command so they’ll comprehend what they should provide me. ” Hobbie shook his head. “Wes, you have been correct. All Corellians are like that. Oh, Wedge, the princess—” Wedge learned belatedly that Leia had known as his identify and used to be beckoning to him. He wear his meet-the-crowd smile and complex, preventing a speed in need of the lectern, taking Leia’s outstretched hand. She gave him her such a lot infectious grin, the personal smile she by no means grew to become to crowds or legit assemblies. She spoke quietly sufficient that her phrases wouldn't hold to the amplifiers. “You seemed as if you’d been training that formation flying for weeks. ” “We were,” he stated, straight-faced. “Liberating Thyferra didn’t absorb a lot of our time. ” “You’re this sort of liar. cross consult those humans so they can all cross domestic. ” Twelve X-wing snubfighters roared down into the ambience. This used to be a gloomy global with a polluted sky, its surroundings shaped from gases and smoke hurled from countless numbers of lively volcanoes. 4 kilometers forward, the TIE interceptor, quickest fighter of the Imperial forces, was once distantly seen; it stayed good sooner than the X-wings, notwithstanding the truth that it was once no longer now outrunning them used to be a transparent indication that its engines have been broken. extra facts have been the sparks and gouts of smoke issuing from its engines, too distant to determine other than with visible sensors; if the engines failed, the pursuing X-wings might trap the interceptor. Myn Donos, the X-wing squadron commander, toggled his comm approach. “Talon chief to Talon 8, any swap? ” His communications expert replied, “No, sir. He’s no longer broadcasting. so far as i will be able to inform, he’s no longer homing in on any kind of a sign. And I’m nonetheless no longer making a choice on up any engine emissions, except his or ours, at the scanners. ” “Very good. ” The interceptor’s velocity unexpectedly dropped and the motor vehicle all started bobbing as though hit via heavy turbulence. It misplaced altitude, veering to starboard towards a cleft among huge, immense volcanoes. Talon chief observed glittering orange threads of lava crawling down the close to slope of 1 of the black, fire-capped mountains. “Leader to squad, it feels like he’s wasting thrust and going low to lose us with terrain-following flying. Don’t supply him the chance. Get shut and strength him down. ” He led his squadron in a lazy arc towards a similar hole. He watched the numbers altering on his distance-to-target sign in: 3 kilometers, element 5; the interceptor used to be now rising from the space at the some distance part because the X-wings have been coming into it. Talon Eight’s voice broke, high-pitched and worried, over the comm process: “Engines powering up, sir!

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