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By Brian Jacques

Acclaimed fable author Brian Jacques back welcomes readers to the superb global of Redwall. 

Enslaved by means of the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter, Princess Kurda, the courageous squirrelmaid Triss, in addition to Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog, plans a bold break out by means of sea. In her flights, Triss occurs upon Redwall, and the abbey creatures find a new hero in her. somebody courageous sufficient to hold the sword of Martin and face the evil that threatens them.

"Scrumptious feasts, rollicking humor, swashbuckling heroes, devoted pals, and treacherous villains magically mix via 3 intertwined action-packed plots into one unforgettable, spellbinding story." --VOYA

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To determine ye don’t get yoreselves in an excessive amount of chance, associates. ” Bluddbeak glared down imperiously, angry via the comment. “Krakkah! now not desire your aid, squirrel. You remain right here, or I slay all. Bluddbeak has spoken, remain or die. Kar-rohakk! ” He introduced himself off into the woodlands, by means of Ovus. Log a Log flicked his rapier of their path. “Who does that ole relic imagine ’e is? Come on, pass, let’s pass an’ see these crusty birds get themselves eaten. Snake’unter, my footpaw! That kite couldn’t inform should you used to be an otter or a squirrel! ” Skipper didn't want his fans unfold out—it used to be a long way too risky. protecting shut jointly, they proceeded carefully towards the glade. The scent got here then, robust and nearly overpowering. Hairs stood inflexible on everybeast’s neck. Log a Log signalled them to halt, calling out in a hoarse whisper, “Bluddbeak, Ovus, come again or that thing’ll get ye! ” there has been a negative sound of squawking, beating feathers and hissing. elevating his javelin, Skipper leaped ahead. “We’ve acquired t’do somethin’, come on! Redwaaaaaalllll! ” They charged right into a scene of what had evidently been chaos. Branches have been snapped, grass flattened, kite feathers strewn far and wide. Ovus used to be mendacity services, with a strange-looking, golden-furred mouse bending over him. Of Bluddbeak and the monster there has been no hint, shop for the vile sweetish odour enveloping the glade. The golden mouse stuck sight of them and without warning bolted off into the undergrowth. Log a Log and 4 shrews sped after him. Skipper moved quickly to the owl’s facet. Ovus may purely part open his nice darkish eyes as he spoke in a vulnerable, fading voice. “Tried to avoid wasting Bluddbeak . . . acquired bitten. . . . Where’s golden mouse . . . helped me . . . Skipper, that you just? ” The otter positioned a paw below the owl’s head. “Aye, ’tis me, mate. Lie nonetheless, yore undesirable harm. ” Ovus couldn't cease his eyes from fluttering speedily. “Funny . . . rheumatiz isn’t hurting anymore . . . needed to attempt to retailer that outdated kite . . . kept my existence numerous instances, y’know. ” His eyes eventually closed and his head lolled loosely from Skipper’s paw. The adder’s poison had proved deadly. Skipper brushed a paw approximately throughout his eyes. “Ole fools, courageous, perilous ole fools, why did ye try out it? ” Log a Log and his 4 Guosim again, dragging the golden mouse besides them. He seemed to be in his overdue seasons, painfully skinny and entirely terrified. He used to be pleading pitifully, “Don’t ’urt ole Mokug, associates, I don’t suggest ’arm to nobeast! ” Skipper positioned his paw firmly approximately Mokug’s shoulders, signalling the shrews to unlock their carry on him. The otter Chieftain’s voice was once joyful and comforting. “We ain’t goin’ to harm ye, ole matey. Mokug, eh? Where’d you spring from? Ain’t obvious you afore. ” The golden mouse cozy then, figuring out he was once secure. “You ain’t Freebooters or Riftgarders, Mokug can inform. ” Skipper gave him a reassuring little hug. “We’re Redwallers, friendliest beasts y’could ever meet. So let us know, Mokug, wot’re ye doin’ round ’ere? ” Mokug’s temper replaced, his eyes darted back and forth, and he moved in with reference to Skipper, as though for cover.

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