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By A.C. Crispin

Twenty-five-year-old Jack Sparrow is a clean-cut service provider seaman pursuing a sound profession as a primary mate for the East India buying and selling corporation. He occasionally thinks again to his boyhood pirating days, yet he doesn’t omit Teague’s scrutiny or the consistent risk of the noose. Besides, he doesn’t have a lot choice—he broke the Code whilst he freed a chum who were accused of rogue piracy, and he can no longer show his face in Shipwreck Cove.
          When Jack’s send is attacked by way of pirates and his captain dies within the altercation, he without warning reveals himself in command. The wily sailor’s skillful negotiations with the pirate captain—who seems to be a lady from his past—result in a good consequence that places Jack in line for an legit promotion. 
          After making port in Africa, Jack is summoned by means of Cutler Beckett, who makes him captain of a boat referred to as the Wicked Wench. Beckett gives Jack an project. He has heard a legend a few magical island named Zerzura whose labyrinthine bowels are stated to comprise a glorious treasure. Beckett suspects that one in all his condo slaves, a lady named Ayisha, is from Zerzura. He asks Jack to take her alongside on his voyage and seduce her into divulging the island’s whereabouts. In cost for his services, Beckett gives you Jack a proportion of the treasure.
          yet this job isn’t as effortless as Jack at first believes. earlier than she has the same opinion to bare the positioning of her domestic, Ayisha insists that Jack take her to the hot global to rescue her brother, who has been bought into slavery within the Bahamas. Their voyage is lengthy and onerous, and as they climate a vicious hurricane and a shock assault from an previous pirate foe, Jack grows to appreciate and appreciate Ayisha’s bravery. He is aware that Beckett intends to enslave her humans after robbing them in their treasure, and Jack’s ethical compass revolts on the proposal. it would be attainable to carry Ayisha correctly to Zerzura, receive many of the treasure, and persuade Beckett that he by no means chanced on it . . . however the grasping E. I. T. C. authentic has eyes far and wide, and if he learns that Jack has foiled his plans, he might remove the object that Captain Sparrow loves such a lot: his ship—and his freedom.

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