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By Jeff Shaara

With the warfare in Europe winding down within the spring of 1945, the USA turns its significant army assets towards a livid attack at the final nice stepping-stone to Japan—the seriously fortified island of Okinawa. The three-month conflict within the Pacific theater will characteristic one of the most vicious wrestle of the full moment international battle, as American troops confront an enemy that may otherwise be slaughtered than event the disgrace of hand over. in the meantime, stateside, a special form of crusade is being waged in mystery: the advance of a weapon so strong, no longer even the scientists who construct it recognize simply what they're approximately to unharness. Colonel Paul Tibbets, one of many most interesting bomber pilots within the U.S. military Air Corps, is chosen to steer the challenge to drop the awful new weapon on a jap urban. As President Harry S Truman mulls his strategies and eastern general practitioner Okiro Hamishita cares for sufferers at a health center close to Hiroshima, voters at the domestic entrance watch for the day of reckoning that everybody understands is coming.

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This is often my try out. JEFF SHAARA April 2011 CONTENTS disguise different Books via This writer name web page Copyright commitment TO THE READER record OF MAPS resources AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS creation half ONE 1. THE SUBMARINER 2. NIMITZ three. ADAMS four. USHIJIMA five. NIMITZ 6. ADAMS 7. ADAMS eight. ADAMS nine. ADAMS 10. USHIJIMA eleven. ADAMS 12. ADAMS thirteen. NIMITZ 14. ADAMS half 15. USHIJIMA sixteen. ADAMS 17. ADAMS 18. ADAMS 19. PORTER 20. ADAMS 21. USHIJIMA 22. ADAMS 23. ADAMS 24. USHIJIMA 25. ADAMS half 3 26. TRUMAN 27. TIBBETS 28. HAMISHITA 29. TIBBETS 30. TIBBETS 31. HAMISHITA 32. TRUMAN 33. ADAMS AFTERWORD concerning the writer record OF MAPS THE PACIFIC ISLANDS THE INVASION OF OKINAWA—APRIL 1, 1945 NORTHERN OKINAWA: THE MARINES SWEEP NORTHWARD—APRIL 1945 MARINES attack SUGAR LOAF HILL—MAY 1945 MARINES catch SUGAR LOAF HILL—MAY 20, 1945 USHIJIMA WITHDRAWS FROM SHURI LINE—MAY 29, 1945 MARINES OBLITERATE eastern NAVAL FORCES ON OROKU PENINSULA americans force SOUTHWARD: USHIJIMA’S “LAST STAND”—JUNE 1945 resources AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS the subsequent is a partial checklist of these unique assets who supplied voices for this tale: the japanese Dr. Michihiko Hachiya Saburo Ienaga leading Minister Hideki Tojo Colonel Hiromichi Yahara THE american citizens inner most firstclass George J. Baird, USMC Jim Boan, 6th department, USMC common Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. , united states Sergeant George R. Caron, 509th Composite workforce, USAAF Lieutenant basic James V. Edmundson, USAAF David E. Frederick, USN Dr. Jack Gennaria, USN Captain Hank Harmeling, 106th Infantry department Sergeant Andrew Hettinga, 164th Regimental wrestle workforce deepest first-class Irvine Johnson, moment Infantry department, united states Sergeant Mack Johnson, 501st Anti-Aircraft Battalion, united states common Curtis LeMay, USAAF Sergeant invoice Lorton, 11th box Artillery, united states normal Douglas MacArthur, united states William Manchester, 6th department, USMC deepest top quality Dick Mitchell, USMC Admiral Chester Nimitz, USN Journalist Ernie Pyle Captain Lawrence Renfroe, USN Lieutenant Louis Claude Roark, USAAC normal Holland M. Smith, USMC significant Rick Spooner, USMC Sergeant Robert Stanfill, USMC common Joseph Stilwell, united states Seaman Richard Thelen, USN (USS Indianapolis) Colonel Paul Tibbets, 509th Composite team, USAAF President Harry S. Truman Ken Vander Molen, 182nd Infantry Regiment, united states the subsequent have graciously and generously supplied me with examine fabric. thanks to all. invoice Baird, St. Petersburg, Florida Bruce Breeding, Lexington, Kentucky Dr. Celia Edmundson, Sarasota, Florida Charles Fannin, San Jose, California Edward Figlewicz, Jr. , Skokie, Illinois Jared Frederick, Blacksburg, Virginia significant Richard Gartrell, USMC Dr. C. R. Gennaria, Winchester, Virginia Colonel Keith Gibson, Virginia army Institute, Lexington, Virginia Hill Goodspeed, nationwide Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida Scott Hardy Pete Harmeling, Danvers, Massachusetts Rick Henderson, nationwide Cryptologic Museum, citadel George Meade, Maryland Vern Hettinga Vice Admiral Gerald L.

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