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By Pittacus Lore

Nine folks got here here.

We appear like you.

We speak like you.

We dwell between you—but

We aren't you.

We have powers you dream of getting.

We are the superheroes you worship in video clips and comedian books—

But we're real.

They stuck no 1 in Malaysia. quantity in England. And quantity 3 in Kenya.

They killed them all.

I am quantity 4. i'm next.

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Henri fires the shotgun. The sound is deafening, echoing in my ears for seconds after. He cocks the gun back, retains it aimed. I twist my physique to appear out. fallen scouts are mendacity within the grass, unmoving. certainly one of them is decreased to ash with a similar hole thud because the one within the hallway. Henri shoots the opposite a moment time and it does a similar. Shadows appear to swarm round them. “Six, deliver a refrigerator over,” Henri says to her. Mark and Sarah watch with amazement because the refrigerator floats within the air in the direction of us and is situated in entrance of the window to dam the Mogadorians from coming into or seeing into the room. “Better than nothing,” Henri says. He turns to 6. “How a lot time will we have? ” “Time is short,” she says. “They have an outpost 3 hours from right here, in a hollowed-out mountain in West Virginia. ” Henri snaps the gun open, slides in new cartridges, snaps it close. “How many bullets does that carry? ” I ask. “Ten,” he says. Sarah and Mark whisper to one another. I stroll over to them. “You men ok? ” I ask. Sarah nods, Mark shrugs, neither quite realizing relatively what to assert within the terror of the location. I kiss Sarah at the cheek and grab her hand. “Don’t worry,” I say. “We’ll get out of this. ” I flip to 6 and Henri. “Why are they only in the market ready? ” I ask. “Why don’t they holiday a window and rush in? They recognize they've got us outnumbered. ” “They purely are looking to hold us right here, inside,” Six says. “They have us precisely the place they need us, all jointly, limited to 1 position. Now they’re looking ahead to the others to reach, the warriors with the guns, those who're expert at killing. They’re determined now simply because they comprehend we’re constructing our Legacies. They can’t manage to pay for to screw it up and possibility us getting enhanced. They understand that a few of us can now struggle again. ” “We need to get out of the following then,” Sarah pleads, her voice delicate and shaky. Six nods reassuringly to her. after which I keep in mind anything I had forgotten in the entire pleasure. “Wait, your being right here, us being jointly, that breaks the appeal. all of the others are reasonable video game now,” I say. “They can kill us at will. ” i will see by means of the glance of horror on Henri’s face that it had slipped his brain besides. Six nods. “I needed to possibility it,” she says. “We can’t preserve working, and I’m ill of ready. We’re all constructing, we all are able to hit again. Let’s no longer fail to remember what they did to us that day, and I’m unlikely to omit what they did to Katarina. each person we all know is lifeless, our households, our associates. i believe they’re planning on doing a similar factor to Earth as they did to Lorien, and they're virtually prepared. to chill and do not anything is to permit that very same destruction, that very same demise and annihilation. Why stand again and allow it occur? If this planet dies, we die with it. ” Bernie Kosar remains to be barking on the window. I virtually are looking to allow him open air, see what he can do. His mouth is frothing along with his enamel bared, hair status tall down the guts of his again. The puppy is prepared, i believe. The query is, are the remainder of us? “Well, you’re right here now,” Henri says.

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